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Date and time functions

This is a list of date and time functions supported by jOOQ's DSL:

  • CURRENT_DATE: Get current date as a DATE object.
  • CURRENT_TIME: Get current time as a TIME object.
  • CURRENT_TIMESTAMP: Get current date as a TIMESTAMP object.
  • DATE_ADD: Add a number of days or an interval to a date.
  • DATE_DIFF: Get the difference in days between two dates.
  • TIMESTAMP_ADD: Add a number of days or an interval to a timestamp.
  • TIMESTAMP_DIFF: Get the difference as an INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND between two dates.

Intervals in jOOQ

jOOQ fills a gap opened by JDBC, which neglects an important SQL data type as defined by the SQL standards: INTERVAL types. See the manual's section about INTERVAL data types for more details.

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