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Interface Catalog

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    Named, QueryPart, Serializable
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    public interface Catalog
    extends Named
    A catalog.

    Standard SQL object identifiers come in 3 parts: [catalog].[schema].[object]. The catalog is an object that groups a set of Schema instances, which again group a set of objects, where objects can be Table, Sequence, Routine and many other types of objects.

    If your RDBMS supports catalogs, and jOOQ supports using catalogs with your RDBMS, then generated catalog references can be used to fully qualify objects


     // Assuming import static org.jooq.impl.DSL.*;


    jOOQ supports catalogs in SQLDialect.SQLSERVER and related dialects, such as SQLDialect.SQLDATAWAREHOUSE. Database products like SQLDialect.MYSQL and related dialects, such as SQLDialect.MARIADB use catalogs ("databases") instead of schemas, and lack schema support. For historic reasons, jOOQ treats MySQL catalogs as schemas and does not support any catalog qualifier in MySQL.

    Instances can be created using DSL.catalog(Name) and overloads.

    Lukas Eder
    • Method Detail

      • getSchemas

        List<Schema> getSchemas()
        List all schemas contained in this catalog.
      • getSchema

        Schema getSchema​(String name)
        Get a schema by its name (case-sensitive) in this catalog, or null if no such schema exists.
      • schemaStream

        Stream<Schema> schemaStream()
        Stream all schemas contained in this catalog.