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Interface RecordListenerProvider

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    public interface RecordListenerProvider
    A provider for RecordListener instances.

    In order to facilitate the lifecycle management of RecordListener instances that are provided to a jOOQ Configuration, clients can implement this API. To jOOQ, it is thus irrelevant, if execute listeners are stateful or stateless, local to a single record or record manipulation, or global to an application.

    Lukas Eder
    See Also:
    RecordListener, Configuration
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        RecordListener provide()
        Provide a RecordListener instance.

        Implementations are free to choose whether this method returns new instances at every call or whether the same instance is returned repetitively.

        A RecordListener shall be provided exactly once per UpdatableRecord manipulation, i.e. per RecordContext.

        An RecordListener instance.
        See Also:
        RecordListener, RecordContext, DefaultRecordListenerProvider