Module org.jooq
Package org.jooq

Interface Results

    • Method Detail

      • resultsOrRows

        List<ResultOrRows> resultsOrRows()
        All the results or update counts in their order as fetched via JDBC.

        While List.iterator() and all the other methods inherited from the List API return the Result objects only, this method also includes update counts that may have occurred between two results.

        It can be safely assumed that:

               .filter(r -> r.result() != null)
               .map(r -> r.result())
      • attach

        void attach​(Configuration configuration)
        Attach all results and all of their contained records to a new Configuration.
        Specified by:
        attach in interface Attachable
        configuration - A configuration or null, if you wish to detach this Attachable from its previous configuration.
      • detach

        void detach()
        Detach all results and all of their contained records from their current Configuration.

        This is the same as calling attach(null).

        Specified by:
        detach in interface Attachable