Module org.jooq
Package org.jooq

Class SQLDialect.ThirdParty

  • Enclosing class:

    public final class SQLDialect.ThirdParty
    extends Object
    Third party representations of the enclosing SQLDialect.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ThirdParty

        public ThirdParty()
    • Method Detail

      • driver

        public final @NotNull String driver()
        "Guess" the JDBC driver from a SQLDialect.
        The appropriate JDBC driver class or "java.sql.Driver" if no driver class could be derived from the URL. Never null.
      • springDbName

        public final @Nullable String springDbName()
        The Spring DB name or null, if the db name is not supported by Spring.

        The name returned by this method corresponds to the DB id as referenced in org/springframework/jdbc/support/sql-error-codes.xml