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Identifier style

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By default, jOOQ will always generate quoted names for all identifiers (even if this manual omits this for readability). For instance:

SELECT "TABLE"."COLUMN" FROM "TABLE" -- SQL standard style

Quoting has the following effect on identifiers in most (but not all) databases:

  • It allows for using reserved names as object names, e.g. a table called "FROM" is usually possible only when quoted.
  • It allows for using special characters in object names, e.g. a column called "FIRST NAME" can be achieved only with quoting.
  • It turns what are mostly case-insensitive identifiers into case-sensitive ones, e.g. "name" and "NAME" are different identifiers, whereas name and NAME are not. Please consider your database manual to learn what the proper default case and default case sensitivity is.

The renderNameStyle setting allows for overriding the name of all identifiers in jOOQ to a consistent style. Possible options are:

  • QUOTED (the default): This will generate all names in their proper case with quotes around them.
  • AS_IS: This will generate all names in their proper case without quotes.
  • LOWER: This will transform all names to lower case.
  • UPPER: This will transform all names to upper case.

Example configuration

Settings settings = new Settings()
    .withRenderNameStyle(RenderNameStyle.AS_IS); // Defaults to QUOTED


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