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The only transient, non-serializable element in any jOOQ object is the Configuration's underlying java.sql.Connection. When you want to execute queries after de-serialisation, or when you want to store/refresh/delete Updatable Records, you may have to "re-attach" them to a Configuration

// Deserialise a SELECT statement
ObjectInputStream in = new ObjectInputStream(...);
Select<?> select = (Select<?>) in.readObject();

// This will throw a DetachedException:

// In order to execute the above select, attach it first
DSLContext create = DSL.using(connection, SQLDialect.ORACLE);

Automatically attaching QueryParts

Another way of attaching QueryParts automatically, or rather providing them with a new java.sql.Connection at will, is to hook into the Execute Listener support. More details about this can be found in the manual's chapter about ExecuteListeners

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