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Sequence execution

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Most databases support sequences of some sort, to provide you with unique values to be used for primary keys and other enumerations. If you're using jOOQ's code generator, it will generate a sequence object per sequence for you. There are two ways of using such a sequence object:

Standalone calls to sequences

Instead of actually phrasing a select statement, you can also use the DSLContext's convenience methods:

// Fetch the next value from a sequence
BigInteger nextID = create.nextval(S_AUTHOR_ID);

// Fetch the current value from a sequence
BigInteger currID = create.currval(S_AUTHOR_ID);

Inlining sequence references in SQL

You can inline sequence references in jOOQ SQL statements. The following are examples of how to do that:

// Reference the sequence in a SELECT statement:
Field<BigInteger> s = S_AUTHOR_ID.nextval();
BigInteger nextID = create.select(s).fetchOne(s);

// Reference the sequence in an INSERT statement:
      .values(S_AUTHOR_ID.nextval(), val("William"), val("Shakespeare"))

For more info about inlining sequence references in SQL statements, please refer to the manual's section about sequences and serials.


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