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Sequences and serials

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Sequences implement the org.jooq.Sequence interface, providing essentially this functionality:

// Get a field for the CURRVAL sequence property
Field<T> currval();

// Get a field for the NEXTVAL sequence property
Field<T> nextval();

So if you have a sequence like this in Oracle:


You can then use your generated sequence object directly in a SQL statement as such:

// Reference the sequence in a SELECT statement:
Field<BigInteger> s = S_AUTHOR_ID.nextval();
BigInteger nextID = create.select(s).fetchOne(s);

// Reference the sequence in an INSERT statement:
      .values(S_AUTHOR_ID.nextval(), val("William"), val("Shakespeare"))
  • For more information about generated sequences, refer to the manual's section about generated sequences
  • For more information about executing standalone calls to sequences, refer to the manual's section about sequence execution


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