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Computed column emulation

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Server side computed columns are a useful feature of many RDBMS, where a synthetic column expression is always computed based on other columns of the same row, either on read (VIRTUAL) or on write (STORED). Recent versions of jOOQ have added support for client side computed columns, i.e. columns that are computed by jOOQ in the client rather than by the RDBMS on the server side. This can be especially useful if the computational expression is dynamic, or uses some advanced jOOQ feature like implicit JOIN, or if the RDBMS does not support the feature.

In the latter case, if the RDBMS does not support the feature, jOOQ can emulate it for you based on a schema generated from an RDBMS that does support the feature. E.g. when the schema is generated with H2 but the query is run on TRINO, jOOQ can run the computation directly in generated SQL, for both (VIRTUAL) or (STORED) cases:

Example configuration

Settings settings = new Settings()
    .withEmulateComputedColumns(true); // Defaults to false

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