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WINDOW clause

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The SQL:2003 standard supports a WINDOW clause that allows for specifying WINDOW frames for reuse in SELECT clauses and ORDER BY clauses.

  LAG(first_name, 1) OVER w "prev",
  LEAD(first_name, 1) OVER w "next"
FROM author
WINDOW w AS (ORDER first_name)
ORDER BY first_name DESC
WindowDefinition w = name("w").as(
   lag(AUTHOR.FIRST_NAME, 1).over(w).as("prev"),
   lead(AUTHOR.FIRST_NAME, 1).over(w).as("next"))

Even if only PostgreSQL and Sybase SQL Anywhere natively support this great feature, jOOQ can emulate it by expanding any org.jooq.WindowDefinition and org.jooq.WindowSpecification types that you pass to the window() method - if the database supports window functions at all.

Some more information about window functions and the WINDOW clause can be found on our blog:

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