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Parse a string value to a SQL DATE type (represented by java.sql.Date) using a vendor specific formatting pattern.

The pattern is not translated by jOOQ for vendor agnosticity and may need to be adapted depending on the SQL dialect you're using.

create.select(toDate("20200203", "YYYYMMDD")).fetch();

The result being

| to_date    |
| 2020-02-03 |

Dialect support

This example using jOOQ:

toDate("20200203", "YYYYMMDD")

Translates to the following dialect specific expressions:

Aurora Postgres, BigQuery, DB2, Exasol, HSQLDB, Oracle, Postgres, Vertica, YugabyteDB

to_date('20200203', 'YYYYMMDD')

SQLDataWarehouse, SQLServer


ASE, Access, Aurora MySQL, ClickHouse, CockroachDB, Derby, DuckDB, Firebird, H2, Hana, Informix, MariaDB, MemSQL, MySQL, Redshift, SQLite, Snowflake, Sybase, Teradata, Trino


(These are currently generated with jOOQ 3.20, see #10141), or translate your own on our website

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