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Type safety

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Two subselects of degree less than 22 that are combined by a set operator are required to be of the same degree and, in most databases, also of the same type. jOOQ 3.0's introduction of Typesafe Record[N] types helps compile-checking these constraints:

// Some sample SELECT statements
Select<Record2<Integer, String>>  s1 = select(BOOK.ID, BOOK.TITLE).from(BOOK);
Select<Record1<Integer>>          s2 = selectOne();
Select<Record2<Integer, Integer>> s3 = select(one(), zero());
Select<Record2<Integer, String>>  s4 = select(one(), inline("abc"));

// Let's try to combine them:
s1.union(s2); // Doesn't compile because of a degree mismatch. Expected: Record2<...>, got: Record1<...>
s1.union(s3); // Doesn't compile because of a type mismatch. Expected: <Integer, String>, got: <Integer, Integer>
s1.union(s4); // OK. The two Record[N] types match


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