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Logging system properties

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The org.jooq.tools.JooqLogger is used throughout jOOQ as an abstraction to delegate logging to slf4j (if found on the classpath), or java.util.logging. The relevant backend can be configured to mute and format jOOQ logs in any way you please.

In the rare event where you don't have access to the logging backend's configuration (e.g. when you build a library on top of jOOQ, to be consumed by other end users), you can still specify logging thresholds for the org.jooq.tools.JooqLogger by using system properties with the following prefix: org.jooq.log.<logger-name>. For example, to mute the following logger, which logs RDBMS version compatibility:


Just set:

System.setProperty("org.jooq.log.org.jooq.impl.DefaultExecuteContext.logVersionSupport", "ERROR");

Possible values include:


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