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Interface Commits

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public interface Commits extends Iterable<Commit>
A (sub) set of commits.

This type is used to group together a set of commits that form a subgraph of the complete commit graph. Like the complete graph, this subgraph will have a single root() node.

Lukas Eder
  • Method Details

    • root

      @NotNull @NotNull Commit root()
      The root node.
    • get

      @Nullable @Nullable Commit get(String id)
      Get a commit from the graph by ID, or null, if the ID was not found.
    • add

      void add(Commit commit)
      Add a commit to the graph.
    • addAll

      void addAll(Commit... commits)
      Add all commits to the graph.
    • addAll

      void addAll(Collection<? extends Commit> commits)
      Add all commits to the graph.
    • load

      @NotNull @NotNull Commits load(MigrationsType migrations)
      Load XML content into this commits graph.
    • export

      @NotNull @NotNull MigrationsType export()
      Export XML content from this commits graph.