Module org.jooq
Package org.jooq.impl

Interface QOM.Aliasable<Q extends QueryPart>

All Superinterfaces:
QueryPart, Serializable
All Known Subinterfaces:
QOM.FieldAlias<T>, QOM.TableAlias<R>
All Known Implementing Classes:
CustomCondition, CustomField, CustomTable, TableImpl, UDTPathFieldImpl, UDTPathTableFieldImpl
Enclosing class:

public static interface QOM.Aliasable<Q extends QueryPart> extends QueryPart
A QueryPart that may associate an $alias() with the $aliased() part.
  • Method Details

    • $aliased

      @NotNull Q $aliased()
      The aliased part (a Field or a Table).
    • $alias

      @Nullable @Nullable Name $alias()
      The alias if any.