Schema diff

Use jOOQ's schema diff tool to calculate the diff going from one schema version to another.

This is work in progress. Your help in improving our parser is greatly appreciated. See below how to report bugs.

Input Dialect

Output Dialect
Identifier Case
Identifier Quoting
Bind variables



*How does it work?

The input dialect is a mixture of all of jOOQ's currently supported SQL dialects. The grammar can be found here. This works the same way as our translate tool.

We're interpreting both versions of your schema and then producing a set of SQL statements that would lead from one version to the other.

If you've found an error, or would like to suggest an improvement, please report it here, along with your input query:

Cool, can I embed this in my application!?

Yes! And you don't even need to use the jOOQ API. The diff tool can be exposed through the JDBC API.

We haven't published it yet. It will be part of jOOQ 3.13.

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