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Data Geekery Support Options

Free Community Support

The jOOQ community is a very active place where you can ask questions and get quality help for free.

Commercial Support

We value our customers and strive to provide you with quality support and priority bugfixing.

SQL and jOOQ Trainings

Whether you need remote or on-site help with SQL or jOOQ, our engineers and our partners are happy to help you.

Custom Engineering

We have gathered lots of experience with jOOQ and with databases. Hire our engineers for custom engineering projects around SQL and jOOQ.

Free Community Support

The jOOQ User Group is a very active and free community where jOOQ users can ask questions, offer help, report bugs and request features. Data Geeks also visit the user group frequently to offer help to users of the community edition.

At the Data Geekery, we believe in the power of Open Source Software and the traction that Open Source communities generate. Without the active jOOQ community, jOOQ wouldn't be where it is today. Therefore, we're working closely with community members to provide you with an even better tool chain.

Commercial Support

At the Data Geekery, we want you to get the best out of your jOOQ experience. This is why we will offer you a variety of support packages that you will get for free when you order the jOOQ Professional Edition.

Of course, you can also purchase support packages with the jOOQ Community Edition. Contact us to learn about

SQL and jOOQ Trainings

Getting the data access layer right is of the essence to your critical applications. Data access is what we do at the Data Geekery. We are happy to train you with the integration of jOOQ into your software architecture.

Find out more about our trainings

Custom Engineering

Getting the data access layer right is of the essence to your critical applications. Data access is what we do at the Data Geekery. We are happy to discuss new tailor-made jOOQ features and extensions with you. This may even include features outside of the scope of jOOQ.

Please contact us to enquire for our competitive custom engineering rates and for our engineers' availabilities.

Data Geekery Partner Network

UWS Software Service

UWS Software Service

Germany based UWS Software Service (UWS) specialises in custom software development, application modernisation and outsourcing with a distinct focus on the Java Enterprise ecosystem.

UWS has successfully integrated the jOOQ Open-Source Edition with a variety of enterprise software projects. Their offering include custom jOOQ integrations into your system landscape and migration solutions from JDBC and/or JPA to jOOQ. UWS further offers development of custom enterprise applications using jOOQ.

Markus Winand

"Almost every performance problem is caused by excessive use of ORM tools or improper indexing."

Markus Winand specialises in these topics and provides SQL training and tuning services for developers. "It is difficult to tell Java developers to use SQL when Hibernate is not the right tool for a particular query" Winand said, and continued "JDBC is just too cumbersome and dangerous. jOOQ makes SQL in Java simple and safe—now I can show people how to get best of both worlds."

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