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This is experimental functionality, and as such subject to change. Use at your own risk!

Running the code generator with Gradle

Applies to ✅ Open Source Edition   ✅ Express Edition   ✅ Professional Edition   ✅ Enterprise Edition

Run generation with the Gradle plugin

Historically, we used to recommend using the Gradle plugin by Etienne Studer (from Gradle Inc.). It provides a concise DSL that allows you to tune all configuration properties supported by each jOOQ version. Please direct any support questions or issues you may find directly to the third party plugin vendor.

Consider also the various examples provided there: https://github.com/etiennestuder/gradle-jooq-plugin/tree/master/example

When upgrading to jOOQ 3.19, please consider using the out of the box gradle plugin support, instead.

Alternatively, programmatic configuration can be used

If you don't want to use the above plugin approach, there's also the possibility to use jOOQ's standalone code generator for simplicity. The following working example build.gradle script should work out of the box:

// Configure the Java plugin and the dependencies
// ----------------------------------------------
apply plugin: 'java'

repositories {

dependencies {
    /* Use org.jooq                for the Open Source Edition
           org.jooq.pro            for commercial editions with Java 17 support,
           org.jooq.pro-java-11    for commercial editions with Java 11 support,
           org.jooq.pro-java-8     for commercial editions with Java 8 support,
           org.jooq.trial          for the free trial edition with Java 17 support,
           org.jooq.trial-java-11  for the free trial edition with Java 11 support,
           org.jooq.trial-java-8   for the free trial edition with Java 8 support */
    compile 'org.jooq:jooq:3.11.12'

    runtime 'com.h2database:h2:1.4.200'
    testCompile 'junit:junit:4.11'

buildscript {
    repositories {

    dependencies {
        /* See above for the correct groupId */
        classpath 'org.jooq:jooq-codegen:3.11.12'
        classpath 'com.h2database:h2:200'

import org.jooq.codegen.GenerationTool
import org.jooq.meta.jaxb.*

GenerationTool.generate(new Configuration()
    .withJdbc(new Jdbc()
    .withGenerator(new Generator()
        .withDatabase(new Database())
        .withGenerate(new Generate()
        .withTarget(new Target()


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