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In a more functional operating mode, you might want to write callbacks that receive records from your select statement results in order to do some processing. This is a common data access pattern in Spring's JdbcTemplate, and it is also available in jOOQ. With jOOQ, you can implement your own org.jooq.RecordHandler classes and plug them into jOOQ's org.jooq.ResultQuery:

// Write callbacks to receive records from select statements
      .into(new RecordHandler<BookRecord>() {
          public void next(BookRecord book) {
// Or more concisely
      .fetchInto(new RecordHandler<BookRecord>() {...});
// Or even more concisely with Java 8's lambda expressions:
      .fetchInto(book -> { Util.doThingsWithBook(book); }; );

See also the manual's section about the RecordMapper, which provides similar features


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