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Programmatic generator configuration

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Configuring your code generator with Java, Groovy, etc.

In the previous sections, we have covered how to set up jOOQ's code generator using XML, either by running a standalone Java application, or by using Maven. However, it is also possible to use jOOQ's GenerationTool programmatically. The XSD file used for the configuration ( is processed using XJC to produce Java artefacts. The below example uses those artefacts to produce the equivalent configuration of the previous PostgreSQL / Maven example:

// Use the fluent-style API to construct the code generator configuration
import org.jooq.util.jaxb.*;

// [...]

Configuration configuration = new Configuration()
    .withJdbc(new Jdbc()
    .withGenerator(new Generator()
        .withDatabase(new Database()
        .withTarget(new Target()


For the above example, you will need all of jooq-3.3.4.jar, jooq-meta-3.3.4.jar, and jooq-codegen-3.3.4.jar, on your classpath.


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