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Generated procedures

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Every procedure or function (routine) in your database will generate a org.jooq.Routine implementation that looks like this:

public class AuthorExists extends AbstractRoutine<java.lang.Void> {

    // All IN, IN OUT, OUT parameters and function return values generate a static member
    public static final Parameter<String>     AUTHOR_NAME = createParameter("AUTHOR_NAME", VARCHAR);
    public static final Parameter<BigDecimal> RESULT      = createParameter("RESULT",      NUMERIC);

    // A constructor for a new "empty" procedure call
    public AuthorExists() {
        super("AUTHOR_EXISTS", TEST);


    // Every IN and IN OUT parameter generates a setter
    public void setAuthorName(String value) {
        setValue(AUTHOR_NAME, value);

    // Every IN OUT, OUT and RETURN_VALUE generates a getter
    public BigDecimal getResult() {
        return getValue(RESULT);
    // [...]

Package and member procedures or functions

Procedures or functions contained in packages or UDTs are generated in a sub-package that corresponds to the package or UDT name.

Flags controlling routine generation

Routine generation cannot be deactivated


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