Available in versions: 3.8

Data type rewrites

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Sometimes, the actual database data type does not match the SQL data type that you would like to use in Java. This is often the case for ill-supported SQL data types, such as BOOLEAN or UUID. jOOQ's code generator allows you to apply simple data type rewriting. The following configuration will rewrite IS_VALID columns in all tables to be of type BOOLEAN.


  <!-- Associate data type rewrites with database columns -->
      <!-- Specify any data type that is supported in your database, or if unsupported, 
           a type from org.jooq.impl.SQLDataType -->

      <!-- A Java regex matching fully-qualified columns, attributes, parameters. Use the pipe to separate several expressions.
           If provided, both "expressions" and "types" must match. -->
      <!-- A Java regex matching data types to be forced to have this type.
           Data types may be reported by your database as:
           - NUMBER              regexp suggestion: NUMBER
           - NUMBER(5)           regexp suggestion: NUMBER\(5\)
           - NUMBER(5, 2)        regexp suggestion: NUMBER\(5,\s*2\)
           - any other form.
           It is thus recommended to use defensive regexes for types.
           If provided, both "expressions" and "types" must match. -->

You must provide at least either an <expressions/> or a <types/> element, or both.

See the section about Custom data types for rewriting columns to your own custom data types.


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