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jOOQ and NoSQL

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jOOQ users often get excited about jOOQ's intuitive API and would then wish for NoSQL support.

There are a variety of NoSQL databases that implement some sort of proprietary query language. Some of these query languages even look like SQL. Examples are JCR-SQL2, CQL (Cassandra Query Language), Cypher (Neo4j's Query Language), and many more.

Mapping the jOOQ API onto these alternative query languages would be a very poor fit and a leaky abstraction. We believe in the power and expressivity of the SQL standard and its various dialects. Databases that extend this standard too much, or implement it not thoroughly enough are often not suitable targets for jOOQ. It would be better to build a new, dedicated API for just that one particular query language.

jOOQ is about SQL, and about SQL alone. Read more about our visions in the manual's preface.


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