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Return All Columns On Store

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When using the updatable records feature, jOOQ always fetches the generated identity value, if such a value is available.

The identity value is not the only value that is generated by default. Specifically, there may be triggers that are used for auditing or other reasons, which generate LAST_UPDATE or LAST_UPDATE_BY values in a record. Users who wish to also automatically fetch these values after all store(), insert(), or update() calls may do so by specifying the returnAllOnUpdatableRecord setting. This setting depends on the availability of INSERT .. RETURNING, UPDATE .. RETURNING, and DELETE .. RETURNING statements, which are not available from all databases.

Programmatic configuration

Settings settings = new Settings()
    .withReturnAllOnUpdatableRecord(true); // Defaults to false

XML configuration

<settings xmlns="http://www.jooq.org/xsd/jooq-runtime-3.9.0.xsd">


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