Package org.jooq

Interface InsertQuery<R extends Record>

  • Type Parameters:
    R - The record type of the table being inserted into
    All Superinterfaces:
    Attachable, java.lang.AutoCloseable, java.util.concurrent.Flow.Publisher<java.lang.Integer>, Insert<R>, org.reactivestreams.Publisher<java.lang.Integer>, Query, QueryPart, RowCountQuery,, Statement, StoreQuery<R>

    public interface InsertQuery<R extends Record>
    extends StoreQuery<R>, Insert<R>
    An INSERT statement (model API).

    This type is the model API representation of a Insert statement, which can be mutated after creation. The advantage of this API compared to the DSL API is a more simple approach to writing dynamic SQL.

    Instances can be created using DSLContext.insertQuery(Table) and overloads.

    Lukas Eder