Package org.jooq

Interface Record2<T1,​T2>

  • All Superinterfaces:
    Attachable, java.lang.Comparable<Record>, Formattable, Record,

    public interface Record2<T1,​T2>
    extends Record
    A model type for a records with degree 2
    Lukas Eder
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    • Method Detail

      • field1

        Field<T1> field1()
        Get the first field.
      • field2

        Field<T2> field2()
        Get the second field.
      • value1

        T1 value1()
        Get the first value.
      • value2

        T2 value2()
        Get the second value.
      • value1

        Record2<T1,​T2> value1​(T1 value)
        Set the first value.
      • value2

        Record2<T1,​T2> value2​(T2 value)
        Set the second value.
      • component1

        T1 component1()
        Get the first value.

        This is the same as value1().

      • component2

        T2 component2()
        Get the second value.

        This is the same as value2().