Package org.jooq

Interface UDTRecord<R extends UDTRecord<R>>

  • Type Parameters:
    R - The record type
    All Superinterfaces:
    Attachable, java.lang.Comparable<Record>, Formattable, Record,, java.sql.SQLData
    All Known Implementing Classes:

    public interface UDTRecord<R extends UDTRecord<R>>
    extends Record, java.sql.SQLData
    An object holding data of a UDT
    Lukas Eder
    • Method Detail

      • getUDT

        UDT<R> getUDT()
        The UDT from which this record was read
      • with

        <T> R with​(Field<T> field,
                   T value)
        Description copied from interface: Record
        Set a value into this record.

        Like Record.set(Field, Object) but returning this for fluent setting of multiple values.

        Specified by:
        with in interface Record