Module org.jooq
Package org.jooq

Class JSONFormat

  • public final class JSONFormat
    extends Object
    A JSON formatting type, which can be used to configure JSON imports / exports.

    The default format is the following, using header() equal to true and applying JSONFormat.RecordFormat.ARRAY:


    If header() is set to false, then the result is simply the records array, either using JSONFormat.RecordFormat.ARRAY:


    or, using JSONFormat.RecordFormat.OBJECT:

     [{"field-1": value-1-1, "field-2": value-1-2,..., "field-n": value-1-n},
      {"field-1": value-2-1, "field-2": value-2-2,..., "field-n": value-2-n}]
    Lukas Eder
    • Field Detail


        public static final JSONFormat DEFAULT_FOR_RESULTS

        public static final JSONFormat DEFAULT_FOR_RECORDS
    • Constructor Detail

      • JSONFormat

        public JSONFormat()
    • Method Detail

      • format

        public JSONFormat format​(boolean newFormat)
        The new value for the formatting flag, defaulting to false.
      • format

        public boolean format()
        The formatting flag.
      • newline

        public JSONFormat newline​(String newNewline)
        The new newline character, defaulting to \n.
      • newline

        public String newline()
        The formatting flag.
      • indent

        public JSONFormat indent​(int newIndent)
        The new indentation value, defaulting to 2.
      • indent

        public int indent()
        The indentation.
      • indentString

        public String indentString​(int level)
        Convenience method to get an indentation string at a given level.
      • header

        public JSONFormat header​(boolean newHeader)
        Whether to emit a header row with column names, defaulting to true.
      • header

        public boolean header()
        Whether to emit a header row with column names, defaulting to true.