Module org.jooq
Package org.jooq

Interface Record10<T1,​T2,​T3,​T4,​T5,​T6,​T7,​T8,​T9,​T10>

All Superinterfaces:
Attachable, Comparable<Record>, Fields, Formattable, Record, Serializable

public interface Record10<T1,​T2,​T3,​T4,​T5,​T6,​T7,​T8,​T9,​T10> extends Record
A model type for a records with degree 10
Lukas Eder
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  • Method Details

    • fieldsRow

      @NotNull @NotNull Row10<T1,​T2,​T3,​T4,​T5,​T6,​T7,​T8,​T9,​T10> fieldsRow()
      Get this record's fields as a Row10.
      Specified by:
      fieldsRow in interface Fields
    • valuesRow

      @NotNull @NotNull Row10<T1,​T2,​T3,​T4,​T5,​T6,​T7,​T8,​T9,​T10> valuesRow()
      Get this record's values as a Row10.
      Specified by:
      valuesRow in interface Record
    • field1

      @NotNull @NotNull Field<T1> field1()
      Get the first field.
    • field2

      @NotNull @NotNull Field<T2> field2()
      Get the second field.
    • field3

      @NotNull @NotNull Field<T3> field3()
      Get the third field.
    • field4

      @NotNull @NotNull Field<T4> field4()
      Get the fourth field.
    • field5

      @NotNull @NotNull Field<T5> field5()
      Get the fifth field.
    • field6

      @NotNull @NotNull Field<T6> field6()
      Get the sixth field.
    • field7

      @NotNull @NotNull Field<T7> field7()
      Get the seventh field.
    • field8

      @NotNull @NotNull Field<T8> field8()
      Get the eighth field.
    • field9

      @NotNull @NotNull Field<T9> field9()
      Get the ninth field.
    • field10

      @NotNull @NotNull Field<T10> field10()
      Get the tenth field.
    • value1

      T1 value1()
      Get the first value.
    • value2

      T2 value2()
      Get the second value.
    • value3

      T3 value3()
      Get the third value.
    • value4

      T4 value4()
      Get the fourth value.
    • value5

      T5 value5()
      Get the fifth value.
    • value6

      T6 value6()
      Get the sixth value.
    • value7

      T7 value7()
      Get the seventh value.
    • value8

      T8 value8()
      Get the eighth value.
    • value9

      T9 value9()
      Get the ninth value.
    • value10

      T10 value10()
      Get the tenth value.
    • value1

      @NotNull @NotNull Record10<T1,​T2,​T3,​T4,​T5,​T6,​T7,​T8,​T9,​T10> value1(T1 value)
      Set the first value.
    • value2

      @NotNull @NotNull Record10<T1,​T2,​T3,​T4,​T5,​T6,​T7,​T8,​T9,​T10> value2(T2 value)
      Set the second value.
    • value3

      @NotNull @NotNull Record10<T1,​T2,​T3,​T4,​T5,​T6,​T7,​T8,​T9,​T10> value3(T3 value)
      Set the third value.
    • value4

      @NotNull @NotNull Record10<T1,​T2,​T3,​T4,​T5,​T6,​T7,​T8,​T9,​T10> value4(T4 value)
      Set the fourth value.
    • value5

      @NotNull @NotNull Record10<T1,​T2,​T3,​T4,​T5,​T6,​T7,​T8,​T9,​T10> value5(T5 value)
      Set the fifth value.
    • value6

      @NotNull @NotNull Record10<T1,​T2,​T3,​T4,​T5,​T6,​T7,​T8,​T9,​T10> value6(T6 value)
      Set the sixth value.
    • value7

      @NotNull @NotNull Record10<T1,​T2,​T3,​T4,​T5,​T6,​T7,​T8,​T9,​T10> value7(T7 value)
      Set the seventh value.
    • value8

      @NotNull @NotNull Record10<T1,​T2,​T3,​T4,​T5,​T6,​T7,​T8,​T9,​T10> value8(T8 value)
      Set the eighth value.
    • value9

      @NotNull @NotNull Record10<T1,​T2,​T3,​T4,​T5,​T6,​T7,​T8,​T9,​T10> value9(T9 value)
      Set the ninth value.
    • value10

      @NotNull @NotNull Record10<T1,​T2,​T3,​T4,​T5,​T6,​T7,​T8,​T9,​T10> value10(T10 value)
      Set the tenth value.
    • values

      @NotNull @NotNull Record10<T1,​T2,​T3,​T4,​T5,​T6,​T7,​T8,​T9,​T10> values(T1 t1, T2 t2, T3 t3, T4 t4, T5 t5, T6 t6, T7 t7, T8 t8, T9 t9, T10 t10)
      Set all values.
    • with

      @NotNull <T> @NotNull Record10<T1,​T2,​T3,​T4,​T5,​T6,​T7,​T8,​T9,​T10> with(Field<T> field, T value)
      Set a value into this record.

      Like Record.set(Field, Object) but returning this for fluent setting of multiple values.

      Specified by:
      with in interface Record
    • with

      @NotNull <T,​ U> @NotNull Record10<T1,​T2,​T3,​T4,​T5,​T6,​T7,​T8,​T9,​T10> with(Field<T> field, U value, Converter<? extends T,​? super U> converter)
      Set a value into this record.

      Like Record.set(Field, Object, Converter) but returning this for fluent setting of multiple values.

      Specified by:
      with in interface Record
    • component1

      T1 component1()
      Get the first value.

      This is the same as value1().

    • component2

      T2 component2()
      Get the second value.

      This is the same as value2().

    • component3

      T3 component3()
      Get the third value.

      This is the same as value3().

    • component4

      T4 component4()
      Get the fourth value.

      This is the same as value4().

    • component5

      T5 component5()
      Get the fifth value.

      This is the same as value5().

    • component6

      T6 component6()
      Get the sixth value.

      This is the same as value6().

    • component7

      T7 component7()
      Get the seventh value.

      This is the same as value7().

    • component8

      T8 component8()
      Get the eighth value.

      This is the same as value8().

    • component9

      T9 component9()
      Get the ninth value.

      This is the same as value9().

    • component10

      T10 component10()
      Get the tenth value.

      This is the same as value10().