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Interface XMLAppendable

All Known Implementing Classes:
Catalog, CheckConstraint, Column, CommitType, Domain, DomainConstraint, ElementType, FileType, Index, IndexColumnUsage, InformationSchema, InterpreterSearchSchema, KeyColumnUsage, MappedCatalog, MappedSchema, MappedTable, MigrationSchema, MigrationsType, MigrationType, Parameter, ParentType, ParseSearchSchema, ReferentialConstraint, RenderFormatting, RenderMapping, Routine, Schema, Sequence, Settings, Table, TableConstraint, View

@Internal public interface XMLAppendable
Interface to be implemented by JAXB annotated Java classes which are serialized to XML using XMLBuilder.

The implementing classes are expected to call the various append() methods on the XMLBuilder instance.

Knut Wannheden
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