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Class MockConnectionProvider

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public class MockConnectionProvider extends Object implements ConnectionProvider
A mock connection provider.

This ConnectionProvider wraps a delegate ConnectionProvider and wraps all acquired Connection references in MockConnection.

Disclaimer: The general idea of mocking a JDBC connection with this jOOQ API is to provide quick workarounds, injection points, etc. using a very simple JDBC abstraction. It is NOT RECOMMENDED to emulate an entire database (including complex state transitions, transactions, locking, etc.) using this mock API. Once you have this requirement, please consider using an actual database instead for integration testing (e.g. using, rather than implementing your test database inside of a MockDataProvider.

Lukas Eder
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    • acquire

      public final Connection acquire()
      Description copied from interface: ConnectionProvider
      Acquire a connection from the connection lifecycle handler.

      This method is called by jOOQ exactly once per execution lifecycle, i.e. per ExecuteContext. Implementations may freely chose, whether subsequent calls to this method:

      • return the same connection instance
      • return the same connection instance for the same thread
      • return the same connection instance for the same transaction (e.g. a javax.transaction.UserTransaction)
      • return a fresh connection instance every time

      jOOQ will guarantee that every acquired connection is released through ConnectionProvider.release(Connection) exactly once.

      Specified by:
      acquire in interface ConnectionProvider
      A connection for the current ExecuteContext. If null is returned (e.g. by NoConnectionProvider), then statements cannot be executed. Attempts to execute statements will result in a DetachedException.
    • release

      public final void release(Connection connection)
      Description copied from interface: ConnectionProvider
      Release a connection to the connection lifecycle handler.

      jOOQ will guarantee that every acquired connection is released exactly once.

      Specified by:
      release in interface ConnectionProvider
      connection - A connection that was previously obtained from ConnectionProvider.acquire(). This is never null.