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Apart from jOOQ's fluent API for query construction, jOOQ can also help you execute everyday CRUD operations. An example is given here:

// Fetch an author
AuthorRecord author = create.fetchOne(AUTHOR, AUTHOR.ID.eq(1));

// Create a new author, if it doesn't exist yet
if (author == null) {
    author = create.newRecord(AUTHOR);

// Mark the author as a "distinguished" author and store it

// Executes an update on existing authors, or insert on new ones;

If you wish to use all of jOOQ's features, the following sections of the manual will be of interest to you (including all sub-sections):

  • SQL building: This section contains a lot of information about creating SQL statements using the jOOQ API
  • Code generation: This section contains the necessary information to run jOOQ's code generator against your developer database
  • SQL execution: This section contains a lot of information about executing SQL statements using the jOOQ API


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