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Factory subclasses

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There are a couple of subclasses for the general Factory. Each SQL dialect has its own dialect-specific factory. For instance, if you're only using the MySQL dialect, you can choose to create a new Factory using any of the following types:

// A general, dialect-unspecific factory
Factory create = new Factory(connection, SQLDialect.MYSQL);

// A MySQL-specific factory
MySQLFactory create = new MySQLFactory(connection);

The advantage of using a dialect-specific Factory lies in the fact, that you have access to more proprietary RDMBS functionality. This may include:

  • MySQL's encryption functions
  • PL/SQL constructs, pgplsql, or any other dialect's ROUTINE-language (maybe in the future)

Another type of Factory subclasses are each generated schema's factories. If you generate your schema TEST, then you will have access to a TestFactory. By default, such a schema-specific Factory will not render the schema name.


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