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Using jOOQ with jbang

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jbang allows for quickly working with all sorts of Java libraries without the hassle of setting up environments, dependencies, etc. This catalog allows for using jOOQ's code generator right away on an existing database.

For more information on jbang, see:

An example

In a shell, type

git clone https://github.com/jOOQ/jbang-example
cd jbang-example
jbang Example.java

In order to re-generate the example code, e.g. when your schema changes, just type:

jbang codegen@jooq db.xml

If you prefer working with a pre-existing database, just edit the db.xml file and point it to your database. Add the JDBC driver dependency like this:

jbang --deps org.postgresql:postgresql:RELEASE codegen@jooq db.xml

To override the jOOQ version from the default RELEASE to a specific version, use

jbang -Djooq.version=<version> codegen@jooq db.xml


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