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Reactive Fetching

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In a reactive programming model, a query will not be executed eagerly and blocking the current thread. Instead a query implements a Publisher API, such as JDK 9's java.util.concurrent.Flow.Publisher or the Reactive Streams Publisher API.

When using a third party reactive stream API like project reactor, jOOQ queries can easily be embedded in a Flux or Mono type, such as:

List<String> authors =
Flux.from(create.select(AUTHOR.FIRST_NAME, AUTHOR.LAST_NAME)
                .map(r -> r.get(AUTHOR.FIRST_NAME) + " " + r.get(AUTHOR.LAST_NAME))

Note that the current versions of jOOQ will still bind to the blocking JDBC API behind the scenes, when executing the above publisher. Future versions of jOOQ might channel such query executions e.g. through Spring's R2DBC.

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