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Reactive Fetching

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In a reactive programming model, a query will not be executed eagerly and blocking the current thread. Instead a query implements a Publisher API, such as JDK 9's java.util.concurrent.Flow.Publisher or the Reactive Streams Publisher API.

When using a third party reactive stream API like project reactor, jOOQ queries can easily be embedded in a Flux or Mono type, such as:

List<String> authors =
Flux.from(create.select(AUTHOR.FIRST_NAME, AUTHOR.LAST_NAME)
                .map(r -> r.get(AUTHOR.FIRST_NAME) + " " + r.get(AUTHOR.LAST_NAME))

Out of the box, all jOOQ provided publishers will block on the underlying JDBC connection, but if you provide jOOQ with a io.r2dbc.spi.Connection or io.r2dbc.spi.ConnectionFactory, then the publishers will execute queries in a non-blocking fashion on an R2DBC driver.

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