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Indexed parameters

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JDBC only knows indexed bind values. A typical example for using bind values with JDBC is this:

try (PreparedStatement stmt = connection.prepareStatement("SELECT * FROM BOOK WHERE ID = ? AND TITLE = ?")) {

    // bind values to the above statement for appropriate indexes
    stmt.setInt(1, 5);
    stmt.setString(2, "Animal Farm");

With dynamic SQL, keeping track of the number of question marks and their corresponding index may turn out to be hard. jOOQ abstracts this and lets you provide the bind value right where it is needed. A trivial example is this:

create.select().from(BOOK).where(BOOK.ID.eq(5)).and(BOOK.TITLE.eq("Animal Farm")).fetch();

// This notation is in fact a short form for the equivalent:
create.select().from(BOOK).where(BOOK.ID.eq(val(5))).and(BOOK.TITLE.eq(val("Animal Farm"))).fetch();

Note the using of DSL.val() to explicitly create an indexed bind value. You don't have to worry about that index. When the query is rendered, each bind value will render a question mark. When the query binds its variables, each bind value will generate the appropriate bind value index.

Extract bind values from a query

Should you decide to run the above query outside of jOOQ, using your own java.sql.PreparedStatement, you can do so as follows:

Select<?> select = create.select().from(BOOK).where(BOOK.ID.eq(5)).and(BOOK.TITLE.eq("Animal Farm"));

// Render the SQL statement:
String sql = select.getSQL();
assertEquals("SELECT * FROM BOOK WHERE ID = ? AND TITLE = ?", sql);

// Get the bind values:
List<Object> values = select.getBindValues();
assertEquals(2, values.size());
assertEquals(5, values.get(0));
assertEquals("Animal Farm", values.get(1));

For more details about jOOQ's internals, see the manual's section about QueryParts.

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