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Fully Qualified Types

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By default, the jOOQ code generator references all types as unqualified types, generating the necessary import statement at the beginning of generated classes.

In rare cases, this can cause problems when two types conflict with each other, e.g. when there is both a TABLE and a TABLE_RECORD table (generating a TableRecord org.jooq.Record type for TABLE as well as a TableRecord org.jooq.Table type for TABLE_RECORD). In this case, users can specify a regular expression that matches all objects whose corresponding generated artefacts should never be imported, but always be fully qualified.

XML (standalone and maven)

See the configuration XSD, standalone code generation, and maven code generation for more details.

new org.jooq.meta.jaxb.Configuration()
    new Generate()

See the configuration XSD andprogrammatic code generation for more details.

generationTool {
  generator {
    generate {
      fullyQualifiedTypes = '.*\\.MY_TABLE'

See the configuration XSD and gradle code generation for more details.

As always, when regular expressions are used, they are regular expressions with default flags.


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