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COUNT(*) scalar subquery comparison

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When comparing a scalar subquery that calculates COUNT(*) with a single value, then chances are that weaker optimisers might be better off with an equivalent EXISTS predicate as can be seen in this blog post about COUNT(*) vs EXISTS.

This transformation is only applied under certain circumstances, including:

  • In the absence of UNION and other set operations
  • In the absence of GROUP BY and HAVING
  • Only with COUNT(*), not with COUNT(expr) (see for that case)

Using Settings.transformPatternsScalarSubqueryCountAsteriskGtZero, the following transformations can be achieved:

-- With Settings.transformPatternsScalarSubqueryCountAsteriskGtZero active, this:
  (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tab) > 0;

-- ... is transformed into the equivalent expression:

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