Module org.jooq
Package org.jooq

Class ChartFormat


public final class ChartFormat extends Object
A CSV formatting type, which can be used to configure chart exports.

The type is immutable, meaning calls to setters like width(int) do not modify the original reference, but return a new one instead.

Lukas Eder
  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • ChartFormat

      public ChartFormat()
  • Method Details

    • output

      @NotNull public @NotNull ChartFormat output(ChartFormat.Output newOutput)
      The new output format, defaulting to ChartFormat.Output.ASCII.
    • output

      @NotNull public @NotNull ChartFormat.Output output()
      The output format.
    • type

      @NotNull public @NotNull ChartFormat type(ChartFormat.Type newType)
      The new chart type, defaulting to ChartFormat.Type.AREA.
    • type

      @NotNull public @NotNull ChartFormat.Type type()
    • display

      @NotNull public @NotNull ChartFormat display(ChartFormat.Display newDisplay)
      The new display format, defaulting to ChartFormat.Display.STACKED.
    • display

      @NotNull public @NotNull ChartFormat.Display display()
      The display format.
    • dimensions

      @NotNull public @NotNull ChartFormat dimensions(int newWidth, int newHeight)
      The new chart dimensions, defaulting to 80 x 25.
    • width

      @NotNull public @NotNull ChartFormat width(int newWidth)
      The new chart width, defaulting to 80.
    • width

      public int width()
      The chart width.
    • height

      @NotNull public @NotNull ChartFormat height(int newHeight)
      The new chart height, defaulting to 25.
    • height

      public int height()
      The chart height.
    • category

      @NotNull public @NotNull ChartFormat category(int newCategory)
      The new category source column number, defaulting to 0.
    • category

      public int category()
      The category source column number.
    • categoryAsText

      @NotNull public @NotNull ChartFormat categoryAsText(boolean newCategoryAsText)
      The new category as text value, defaulting to true.
    • categoryAsText

      public boolean categoryAsText()
      The category as text value.
    • values

      @NotNull public @NotNull ChartFormat values(int... newValues)
      The new value source column numbers, defaulting to { 1 }.
    • values

      public int @NotNull [] values()
      The value source column numbers.
    • shades

      @NotNull public @NotNull ChartFormat shades(char... newShades)
      The new column shades, defaulting to { 'X' }.
    • shades

      public char @NotNull [] shades()
      The value column shades.
    • showLegends

      @NotNull public @NotNull ChartFormat showLegends(boolean newShowHorizontalLegend, boolean newShowVerticalLegend)
      Whether to show legends, defaulting to true.
    • showHorizontalLegend

      @NotNull public @NotNull ChartFormat showHorizontalLegend(boolean newShowHorizontalLegend)
      Whether to show the horizontal legend, defaulting to true.
    • showHorizontalLegend

      public boolean showHorizontalLegend()
      Whether to show the horizontal legend.
    • showVerticalLegend

      @NotNull public @NotNull ChartFormat showVerticalLegend(boolean newShowVerticalLegend)
      Whether to show the vertical legend, defaulting to true.
    • showVerticalLegend

      public boolean showVerticalLegend()
      Whether to show the vertical legend.
    • newline

      @NotNull public @NotNull ChartFormat newline(String newNewline)
      The new newline character, defaulting to \n.
    • newline

      @NotNull public @NotNull String newline()
      The newline character.
    • numericFormat

      @NotNull public @NotNull ChartFormat numericFormat(DecimalFormat newNumericFormat)
      The new numeric format, defaulting to ###,###.00.
    • numericFormat

      @NotNull public @NotNull DecimalFormat numericFormat()
      The numeric format.
    • percentFormat

      @NotNull public @NotNull ChartFormat percentFormat(DecimalFormat newPercentFormat)
      The new numeric format for percentages, defaulting to ###.00'%'.
    • percentFormat

      @NotNull public @NotNull DecimalFormat percentFormat()
      The numeric format for percentages.