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Before you go on and read the whole manual, there are a couple of interesting questions that you might want to consider:


Q: When I generate source code from MySQL, can I also use it on another database?

A: Yes! The generated Java code will work for all supported databases, not only for the database driver that you used when you generated the code.


Q: When I generate source code from my developer database, can I also use it on production?

A: Yes! You can map your schema at code generation time or at run time. See the manual for details.

Plain SQL

Q: Can I use jOOQ without code generation?

A: Yes! You can define tables, fields, conditions using Strings. See the manual for details.


Q: Can I use jOOQ as a query builder and execute queries with Spring?

A: Yes! This has been done by other users and will be documented soon. See this Stack Overflow question for details.


Q: Does jOOQ manage transactions?

A: No, it doesn't and that's good! There are so many competing transaction models, jOOQ wouldn't choose the right one for you. See this Stack Overflow question for details.


Q: Does jOOQ support MongoDB?

A: No, jOOQ wouldn't be so good at modelling SQL in Java, if NoSQL elements had to be supported in the API. In return, our engineers have become SQL and JDBC pros.

Third Party Learning

jOOQ is about SQL. We recommend you also read these excellent resources, which talk about SQL in general:

Easily accessing databases in Java with jOOQ by Marco Behler Marco Behler offers great introductory courses. Get started very quickly with jOOQ, learning the most important concepts at a good pace.

Author Marco Behler
Title Databases with jOOQ
Languages English
SQL Performance Explained by Markus Winand, author of Markus Winand has created His book explains nicely how to achieve proper indexing and performance in popular RDBMS:

Author Markus Winand
Title SQL Performance Explained
Languages English, German, French
High Performance Java Persistence by Vlad Mihalcea Vlad Mihalcea, author of the Flexy Pool library has condensed his persistence tuning experience into a single book in the making. A must-read for everyone aiming for pushing their RDBMS to the limit with a Java application:

Author Vlad Mihalcea
Title High Performance Java Persistence
Languages English
Reactive Web Applications by Manuel Bernhardt Manuel Bernhardt has extensive experience in Scala and Reactive programming, showing how to go reactive with Play, Akka, and jOOQ in his book in the making:

Author Manuel Bernhardt
Title Reactive Web Applications
Languages English

Convince Your Manager

Are you a developer, architect? Are you conviced by jOOQ, but now need to convince your manager? We have assembled a couple of good reasons explaining how your business unit will get a high ROI with jOOQ quickly.

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