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OVERLAPS predicate

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When comparing dates, the SQL standard allows for using a special OVERLAPS predicate, which checks whether two date ranges overlap each other. The following can be said:

-- This yields true
(DATE '2010-01-01', DATE '2010-01-03') OVERLAPS (DATE '2010-01-02' DATE '2010-01-04')

-- INTERVAL data types are also supported. This is equivalent to the above
(DATE '2010-01-01', CAST('+2 00:00:00' AS INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND)) OVERLAPS
(DATE '2010-01-02', CAST('+2 00:00:00' AS INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND))

The OVERLAPS predicate in jOOQ

jOOQ supports the OVERLAPS predicate on row value expressions of degree 2. The following methods are contained in org.jooq.Row2:

Condition overlaps(T1 t1, T2 t2);
Condition overlaps(Field<T1> t1, Field<T2> t2);
Condition overlaps(Row2<T1, T2> row);

This allows for expressing the above predicates as such:

// The date range tuples version
row(Date.valueOf('2010-01-01'), Date.valueOf('2010-01-03')).overlaps(Date.valueOf('2010-01-02'), Date.valueOf('2010-01-04'))

// The INTERVAL tuples version
row(Date.valueOf('2010-01-01'), new DayToSecond(2)).overlaps(Date.valueOf('2010-01-02'), new DayToSecond(2))

jOOQ's extensions to the standard

Unlike the standard (or any database implementing the standard), jOOQ also supports the OVERLAPS predicate for comparing arbitrary row vlaue expressions of degree 2. For instance, (1, 3) OVERLAPS (2, 4) will yield true in jOOQ. This is emulated as such

-- This predicate

-- can be emulated as such
(C <= B) AND (A <= D)

Dialect support

This example using jOOQ:

row(1, 3).overlaps(row(2, 4))

Translates to the following dialect specific expressions:

All dialects

  2 <= 3
  AND 1 <= 4
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