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Arithmetic expressions

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Numeric arithmetic expressions

Your database can do the math for you. Arithmetic operations are implemented just like numeric functions, with similar limitations as far as type restrictions are concerned. You can use any of these operators:

  +  -  *  /  %

In order to express a SQL query like this one:

SELECT ((1 + 2) * (5 - 3) / 2) % 10 FROM DUAL

You can write something like this in jOOQ:


Operator precedence

jOOQ does not know any operator precedence (see also boolean operator precedence). All operations are evaluated from left to right, as with any object-oriented API. The two following expressions are the same:

   val(1).add(2) .mul(val(5).sub(3)) .div(2) .mod(10);

Datetime arithmetic expressions

jOOQ also supports the Oracle-style syntax for adding days to a Field<? extends java.util.Date>


For more advanced datetime arithmetic, use the DSL's timestampDiff() and dateDiff() functions, as well as jOOQ's built-in SQL standard INTERVAL data type support:


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