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Pretty printing SQL

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Did you know you can pretty print arbitrary SQL with our translator at https://www.jooq.org/translate?

As mentioned in the previous chapter about SQL rendering, there are some elements in the org.jooq.RenderContext that are used for formatting / pretty-printing rendered SQL. In order to obtain pretty-printed SQL, just use the following custom settings:

// Create a DSLContext that will render "formatted" SQL
DSLContext pretty = DSL.using(dialect, new Settings().withRenderFormatted(true));

And then, use the above DSLContext to render pretty-printed SQL:

  count(*) "c"
from "TEST"."BOOK"
  join "TEST"."AUTHOR"
where "TEST"."BOOK"."TITLE" <> '1984'
group by "TEST"."AUTHOR"."LAST_NAME"
having count(*) = 2
String sql = pretty.select(
                       AUTHOR.LAST_NAME, count().as("c"))

The section about ExecuteListeners shows an example of how such pretty printing can be used to log readable SQL to the stdout.


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