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Schema diff CLI

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The schema diff API can be used to generate a diff between schema versions programmatically, as we've seen in the previous section about the schema diff API. This functionality can also usefully be accessed on the command line as shown below:

$ java -cp jooq-3.18.17.jar:reactive-streams-1.0.3.jar:r2dbc-spi-1.0.0.RELEASE.jar org.jooq.DiffCLI -h
  -f / --formatted                          Format output SQL
  -h / --help                               Display this help
  -k / --keyword      <RenderKeywordStyle>  Specify the output keyword style (org.jooq.conf.RenderKeywordStyle)
  -i / --identifier   <RenderNameStyle>     Specify the output identifier style (org.jooq.conf.RenderNameStyle)
  -F / --from-dialect <SQLDialect>          Specify the input dialect (org.jooq.SQLDialect)
  -T / --to-dialect   <SQLDialect>          Specify the output dialect (org.jooq.SQLDialect)
  -1 / --sql1         <String>              Specify the input SQL string 1 (from SQL)
  -2 / --sql2         <String>              Specify the input SQL string 2 (to SQL)

$ java -cp jooq-3.18.17.jar:reactive-streams-1.0.3.jar:r2dbc-spi-1.0.0.RELEASE.jar org.jooq.DiffCLI -T POSTGRES -1 "create table t (i int);" -2 "create table t (i int, j int)"
alter table t add j int null;

Windows users: Please replace : by ; in the above examples.

Another way to use this API is the https://www.jooq.org/diff website.


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