Available in versions: Dev (3.20) | Latest (3.19) | 3.18 | 3.17

Normalise IN list with single element to comparison

Applies to ✅ Open Source Edition   ✅ Express Edition   ✅ Professional Edition   ✅ Enterprise Edition

When comparing an IN predicate with a single value, then it may be beneficial for other pattern replacement if that expression is normalised to a comparison predicate.

Using Settings.transformPatternsNormaliseInListSingleElementToComparison, the following transformations can be achieved:

-- With Settings.transformPatternsNormaliseInListSingleElementToComparison active, this:
  x IN (a),
  x NOT IN (a)
FROM tab;

-- ... is transformed into the equivalent expression:
  x = a, -- x IN (a),
  x != a -- x NOT IN (a)
FROM tab;


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