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Hidden columns

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jOOQ's code generator may decide that a column is hidden, in case of which using it in various DML statements may subtly change. In particular, the column will be excluded by default from all projections, * expansions, meta data queries. The column is still available in generated tables for explicit usage, though:

// UpdatableRecords don't contain the column anymore:
TRecord r1 = create.selectFrom(T).fetchOne();
r.getInvisible();    // compilation error

// * expansions don't include the column anymore
Record r2 = create.select().from(T).fetchOne();
r2.get(T.INVISIBLE); // throws IllegalArgumentException, the column isn't available

Record r3 = create.select(asterisk()).from(T).fetchOne();
r3.get(T.INVISIBLE); // throws IllegalArgumentException, the column isn't available

// Meta data queries don't produce the column anymore:

// However, explicit usage is still possible
create.select(T.ID, T.INVISIBLE, T.VISIBLE)


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