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Running the code generator with Ant

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Run generation with Ant

When running code generation with ant's <java/> task, you may have to set fork="true":

<!-- Run the code generation task -->
<target name="generate-test-classes">
  <java fork="true" 
    <arg value="/path/to/configuration.xml"/>
      <pathelement location="/path/to/jooq-3.4.7.jar"/>
      <pathelement location="/path/to/jooq-meta-3.4.7.jar"/>
      <pathelement location="/path/to/jooq-codegen-3.4.7.jar"/>

Using the Ant Maven plugin

Sometimes, ant can be useful to work around a limitation (misunderstanding?) of the Maven build. Just as with the above standalone ant usage example, the jOOQ code generator can be called from the maven-antrun-plugin:

<!-- Run the code generation task -->
          <java fork="true" 
              <arg value="/path/to/configuration.xml"/>
      <!-- JDBC driver -->
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