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jOOQ lives in a very challenging ecosystem. The Java to SQL interface is still one of the most important system interfaces. Yet there are still a lot of open questions, best practices and no "true" standard has been established. This situation gave way to a lot of tools, APIs, utilities which essentially tackle the same problem domain as jOOQ. jOOQ has gotten great inspiration from pre-existing tools and this section should give them some credit. Here is a list of inspirational tools in alphabetical order:

  • Hibernate: The de-facto standard (JPA) with its useful table-to-POJO mapping features have influenced jOOQ's org.jooq.ResultQuery facilities
  • JPA: The de-facto standard in the javax.persistence packages, supplied by Oracle. Its annotations are useful to jOOQ as well.
  • QueryDSL: A "LINQ-port" to Java. It has a similar fluent API, a similar code-generation facility, yet quite a different purpose. While jOOQ is all about SQL, QueryDSL (like LINQ) is mostly about querying.
  • SLICK: A "LINQ-like" database abstraction layer for Scala. Unlike LINQ, its API doesn't really remind of SQL. Instead, it makes SQL look like Scala.
  • Spring Data: Spring's JdbcTemplate knows RowMappers, which are reflected by jOOQ's RecordHandler or RecordMapper


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